NP 110 NAUTICA Reflective

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Two-component transparent hybrid coating for drying at room temperature, Sol-Gel base. With thermal insulation and antistatic properties. Ideal for ...

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  • Two-component transparent hybrid coating for drying at room temperature, Sol-Gel base. With thermal insulation and antistatic properties.

    Ideal for the protection of construction, automotive, aeronautics, nautical.

    This product rejuvenates worn and discolored surfaces due to weather conditions, has easy cleaning and maintenance properties.

  • Technical characteristics

    Product description:

    NP 110 NAUTICA Reflective is a transparent hybrid coating of two components of drying at room temperature, Sol-Gel base. With thermal insulation and antistatic properties.



    • Transparent, 2 components, alcohol base.

    • Application of a single layer.

    • Hydrophobic and oleophobic.

    • Good thermal insulation.

    • Antistatic properties.

    • Absorbs Infrared Radiation.

    • Properties of easy cleaning and anti-adherence of dirt.

    • The coating has very good adhesion in Cristal.

    • Good mechanical resistance.

    • Very good adhesion on substrates in general (metals, minerals, ceramics and glass).

    • Resistant to a large amount of organic solvents.

    • Resistant to filiform corrosion.

    • Does not contain chromium or lead.

    • Antigrafiti. (Cleaning with Graffiti Cleaner Protected Surfaces is recommended). After cleaning piece the coating does not undergo any type of alteration.

    • High brightness retention.

    • Resistance to the weather and UV rays.


    Fields of application:

    Sectors of construction, automotive, aeronautics, nautical.

     NP 110 NAUTICA Reflective is used for:

    • Absorption of IR rays and thermal insulation.

    • Coating glass, metal and mineral surfaces in general.

    • It also protects against corrosion, repels dirt, oils, grease, contamination and graffiti paints.

    • Resistant to condensation and temperature changes.

    • Resistant to a wide variety of organic solvents and chemicals.


    Delivery method:

    2 components, in metal barrels. 20kg Base 5kg Hardener


    Bluish. Once applied transparent.

    Appearance: Liquid.

    Technical information:

    Type of binder: Poly epoxy

    Solid concentration: Approx. 50% by weight

    Performance Kg. / M2: Depends on the surface and the application.

    In ideal conditions without losses in application 40m2 per Kilo.

    Thermal resistance: + 180ºC

    Non-volatile content: Approx. 60%

    Density: 1.15 gr. / cm3 at 25ºC

    Dry weight: 5.87 gr. per m2

    Water contact angle: 110º


    EU directive complies: 1907/2006 / EC (REACH) and 2011/65 / EC (RoHS).



    Fuel Resitance: AMS 3095A

    Contact Angle: 110º - 120º water

    Cleanability: MIL-PRF-87285 • Hydraulic fluid 99% • Jet fuel 99% • Oil 98%

    AMS 3095A: INTA

    ISO 1513: • Examination and preparation of samples for test.

    ISO 2813: • Brightness.

    ISO 7724-3: • Difference of color.

    ISO 2409: • Adhesion. Cuts by grating.

    ISO 6272-1: • Impact.

    ISO 6860/1519: • Flexibility, Conical mandrel or cylindrical mandrel

    ISO 2812-2: • Resistance to the water immersion (14 days), with final evaluation of the blistering, adhesion and resistance.

    ISO 2812-1: • Resistance to the hydraulic fluids (30 days), with final evaluation of blistering, resistance & defects from incision.

    ISO 3665: • Filiform corrosion resistance (1000 h), on two substrates

    ISO 7253: • Resistance to saline fog (3000 h), on two substrates

    ISO 11507: • Resistance to accelerated aging UV / condensation (1000 h), with evaluation of the brightness and variation of color.

    AMS3095A • Stability to heat (100 h, to 150º C) and evaluation flexibility.

    NF P 92.501 / 95 2: • Reaction to fire.

    NF X 10-702-1986 3: • Opacity & smoke.

    NFF16-101-1988: • Toxicity.



    Minimum 1 year in original container, closed in dry conditions of room temperature.

    After this period a rigorous filtering is required. Avoid tin containers.



    Surface Treatment:

    The surface must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease.

    Cleaning with alcohol, solvent or neutral pH detergent.

    In aluminum alkaline cleaning recommended.

    Previous recommendations:

    Beat base with blender 5 minutes before using.

    In large areas it is recommended to carry out a preliminary test.

    A homogenous distribution of the product should be sought.

    Avoid overlapping layers, applying the entire surface in one operation.



    It is recommended to perform the application with rollers (depending on the substrate to be protected).

    A roller to apply the product throughout the glass, without excessive load, rather little, just enough so that there is product on the surface.

    Then, pass a new dry roller to stretch the product as much as possible on the surface.

    Let dry and polish imperfections.


    Component mix A: Component B

    Proportion by weight = 4: 1. The mixture does not need solvents.

    Weigh only with a high precision scale.



    The hardening time can be reduced by increasing the ambient temperature to 60 ° C

    after drying process.

    Driving time: approx. 4h (25ºC)

    Drying process: approx. 4h (25ºC)

    Hardening process: approx. 14 days (25ºC)




    Technical Department:

    This information indicates the form of your use of the product, does not form a legal guarantee. The product has the described properties. This data sheet can and should only be used as general indications.



    Download technical data sheet.

    Download safety data sheet.

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